Fully hosted or on premise telephone systems

Business today demands efficient, seamless communication that facilitates rapid decision-making and customer responsiveness. Our business telephone systems will help your businesses succeed at this accelerated level.

State of the art business telephone systems

At Maxicom we supply a complete range of state of the art telephone systems and PABX systems from 2 to 1000 extensions.

We are able to design and install fully hosted cloud solutions or on premise voice over IP systems.

We have developed our own VoIP platform that we call AVoIP Plus. This incredible telephony platform has been designed with our local market in mind. It offers an incredible range of features that offer real benefit to business. Previously these features were only available on very expensive enterprise systems. With AVoIP Plus however you have access to all these features at a fraction of the cost.

Telephone systems inage

So what kind of features are we talking about here?

  • Mobile twinning. When your desk phone rings so does your mobile phone. This offers complete mobility and ensures you never miss that important business call.
  • Multiple handset or device options. We offer handsets on desks, soft phones for your computer or mobile applications that turn your smartphone into a powerful communication device.
  • Wireless or wired solutions. Maxicom can design a solution to fit your needs.  Don’t need that phone on your desk? Why not go completely wireless and use your smartphone as your business extension but still retain the functionality of a PABX?
  • Voice mail to email. When you get a voice mail message it is delivered to your email as a recording. You can play that on your computer or smart phone. Also check out our mobile voicemail service.
  • Call recording. All your incoming and outgoing calls are recorded so you can immediately search your calls and play the conversation of any call. This is a fantastic way to go back to a conversation and identify exactly what was said.
  • Conference bridge. Set up an audio conference where members of your team can dial in from anywhere and be connected together. Great for meetings where people are in different locations.
  • Web conferencing. Setup online meetings and share content and collaborate with others.
  • Video calling. A great feature to have on your business phone system.
  • Instant messaging. Allows you to instantly communicate with others in your organisation.
  • Presence. See the status of other people in your organisation.
  • Automated attendants and IVRs. Streamline and manage your incoming calls.
  • Work from anywhere. Our Voice over IP systems allow you to work from anywhere. No matter where you are and as long as you have an internet connection you can always be connected just as if you were sitting in the office.
  • Cost savings. An AVoIP Plus system from Maxicom is going to save you heaps off your telephone bill. We have experienced an overwhelming tidal wave of new customers wanting to take advantage of the very real cost savings available. And we mean a lot not just a little.
  • Disaster recovery. Imagine if your business premises were damaged by fire or flood or other natural disaster. Our system will automatically divert your calls to a mobile or other number of your choice so even in the event of a disaster your calls will keep getting through.
  • Local service. We are based right here in Whangarei. No more talking to a call centre who doesnt know your or your business.  When you call us you talk to an engineer who knows your business.

There are so many features available that can’t possibly list them all here. To find out more please contact us on 0800-567-567 and talk to one of our friendly team.

Other brands

We also supply, service and support a number of quality brands like Panasonic, LG, Snom, Fanvil, Yealink  and Hybrex. Our long-term relationships with our key partners ensure we have the best possible buying power to offer your business an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Innovative approach

At Maxicom we realise that an innovative approach and quality products are just the beginning however.  These values are worthless if the company supplying them is unable to offer an exceptional after sales service.  We understand that telecommunications services do not shut down at night or on public holidays.  We understand that your phones are your business and that you cannot wait three days for a technician to arrive to repair them.

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That’s why we at Maxicom offer a range of service options that we call MaxiCare;

  • Time and materials based service options.
  • Formal maintenance agreements.
  • Guaranteed response times to your service request.
  • 24 Hour or 2 hour response options.
  • Full after hours service 365 days a year.
  • Remote diagnostic services.
  • Telephone support.

Ask our team about the flexible and cost effective options available through MaxiCare.

Contact us

Call us today on 0800-567-567 and let us show you how a complete turn-key solution from Maxicom can save your business money and increase productivity. Alternatively take advantage of our free no obligation telecommunications audit service by clicking here.