Call Recording

Call recording is a fantastic feature to have on your telephone system.  A business may wish to use call recording for a number of reasons including:

  • Compliance.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Training purposes.
  • Staff evaluation.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Incident investigation.

Secure storage for call recording

Once call recording is turned on, all conversations are recorded and stored in our secure data centre so there is no need to provide local server storage. You may request access to these conversations by requesting a login to your VoIP account portal.

The Law

New Zealand law states that should you wish to utilise the recording feature then you must ensure that at least one party on the conversation is fully aware that the call is being recorded.  Furthermore if the other party on the call has explicitly instructed that recording be disabled then no recording must be made for either party. In addition, the Principles enumerated in the Privacy Act shall be complied with in respect to the nature of the personal information collected, the purpose for its collection, how it is used and what is disclosed to any other party.

Maxicom also recommends that you advise your callers that their call may be recorded.  This can be done via a short message before the call connects.

If you are an existing Maxicom Customer and you would like this feature turned on for your telephone system then please complete the form below. This service is free for all existing and new Maxicom customers with a VoIP plan.

By requesting that call recording be enabled on the form above you acknowledge that the legal requirements of recording calls have been explained to you and you agree to comply with all necessary laws and privacy requirements and that you have briefed all users of the phone system that their calls will be monitored.