Hosted Fax

At Maxicom we offer a hosted fax service.

So what is hosted fax?

This service receives your faxes for you and emails them to you in the form of a PDF attachment.  You can then print them, delete them or forward them as you would a normal email.

Why do I need it?

Hosted fax ensures that your faxes are dealt with efficiently and with minimum impact to the environment. You don’t need to have a dedicated fax machine or keep a dedicated fax line.  This saves you around $40.00 per month on line rental alone not to mention paper and ink consumables when you print a fax.  If you do need a printed copy just print it as you would any other document. The other advantage is that you can save the fax as an electronic copy to the customers file or other line of business system.

How do I send a fax?

All you need to do is attach the fax to an email and email it to our fax server. If you already have the document in your computer just turn it into a PDF and attach it to an email. If you have the fax as a printed piece of paper then scan it in and attach it to an email.  Our server receives your fax and sends it off to the desired recipients fax number. It prints out on the recipients fax machine as usual

How do I get it?

Call us today on 0800-567-567 to enquire about this innovative service.