Mobile Voicemail

Mobile voicemail is a must have for businesses on the go.  You know how when you get a voicemail on your mobile phone it can be a bit clunky to access and listen to the message?  All mobile phones are different but on most mobile phones when someone leaves you a  voicemail message you have got to:

  • Dial your voicemail box.
  • Listen to the silly message telling you that you have a new message. (You already knew that of course.)
  • Then it asks you to dial something to listen to the message.
  • Then it tells you the date and time the message was received.
  • Then once you have listened to the message you have to delete it or save it.

All this takes time and is very clunky to use.

Mobile voicemail image

At Maxicom we have a far better solution.  Sign up to our mobile voicemail service and If someone leaves you a voicemail message on your mobile phone it appears in your email inbox. Simple, easy and like magic!!

Not only is it easy but it has other added benefits such as:

  • You now have an electronic record of that message and can go back to it at any time.
  • If you want someone else to deal with it, just forward it to their email like you would any other email.
  • There is no need to delete it as it will just sit in your email inbox like any other email.
  • It takes a fraction of the time to check your messages.
  • Now there is only one place to check your messages. Your email inbox. How neat is that?

So how much is mobile voicemail?

Well if you have a Maxicom VoIP plan then mobile voicemail is free. (Up to 10 mailboxes.)  if you don’t then its just $5.00 per month plus GST. per mailbox.

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Call us today on 0800-567-567 and let us show you how mobile voicemail from Maxicom can save your business money and increase productivity. Alternatively take advantage of our free no obligation telecommunications audit service by clicking here.

*Please note that if you are not on an unlimited calling mobile plan then some forwarding charges may apply. Please check with your mobile phone carrier.