At Maxicom we have a large range of professional headsets available to suit every need.  From wired models to wireless and blue tooth headsets we have a solution to suit the most demanding application.

Headsets save your neck

A headset is more than just a device to keep your hands free when on the phone.  In many workplaces it has become a health a safety issue and the wearing of an effective, professional grade headset can relieve stress, avoid neck and back pain issues and increase your staff’s productivity. In this day and age of health and safety in the workplace it is important to ensure that your staff are comfortable and that the risk of workplace repetitive strain injuries are eliminated.

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What style of headset do I choose?

Headsets are very personal and it is important to choose one that will work well for you.  A headset is something you may use for long periods of time so it is important that you choose the correct headset for your individual needs.

It is no good to wear an over the ear style headset if the user wears glasses for example.  An over the head style may be no good if the user suffers from headaches or has “big” hair.  Noisy and busy environments may need a noise cancelling microphone.  If you require mobility you may need a wireless headset.

Our team have years of experience and can design and recommend a solution that will work for your staff’s individual needs. We recommend headsets from the Plantronics, Jabra and Sennheiser  brands as these headsets provide the widest range of options coupled with reliability and excellent audio quality. They are designed to be worn for long periods without creating uncomfortable hot spots on the ear or head area.

 Give us a call today on 0800-567-567 and let us show you how using a headset can literally save your neck.