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Thanks for visiting and taking the time to review our company. You are probably here because you are tired of paying too much for your phone service and getting sub standard service and advice from call centers that don’t know your site, don’t know your business and don’t know who you are. With Voice over IP and IP telephony from Maxicom you can change that today.

Here are the facts.

  • VoIP saves you money. No more line rentals. One monthly fee which includes a huge free-calling allowance.
  • VoIP adds feature benefits like call recording, voice mail, mobile voicemail, caller ID, audio conferencing without changing your phone system.
  • VoIP is reliable.  This is a carrier grade service offering reliability and redundancy and is a business grade service.
  • In most cases there is no capital outlay.
  • Keep your existing phone numbers.
  • Many of our customers have saved up to 50% off their phone bill and in some cases up to 80%.
  • Deal with local people who know your site. When you call us you talk to an engineer and not a call center agent who doesn’t have any technical skills.

Why do people change to Voice over IP and IP telephony?

The overwhelming majority of our customers who have transitioned to VoIP technology do so to save money, to receive better service and to get better features that offer real business benefit. If you are not using VoIP for your business then you are probably paying too much for your telephone service.

How much can I save?

How much can you save? Click on the icon below to register for your free telephone bill audit or read on to find out more.

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Right now your carrier charges you a line rental for each line you have. This can range between $39.95 and $65.00 per month per line.  You have also got to pay for your calls on top of that.  Then you also have to pay for your broadband.  The average small business with 4 lines normally has a phone bill of between $500.00 and $1000.00 per month!!  New Zealand has one of the most expensive phone services in the world.

Well now you don’t have to put up with that.  IP Telephony is revolutionising the way business telecommunications are provided and at Maxicom we have the skills and experience to seamlessly transition your business to this exciting technology.

Check out our incredible plans here and then compare us with what you are paying your existing carrier.

Our people have a reputation for delivering high level expertise in business communication technology and we have a dedicated team geared to servicing your business. Our team is passionate about delivering real business value to our customers through the use of technology.

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